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Anthropological Researches and Studies



The Romanian Journal Anthropological Researches and Studies (ISSN 2360-3445; ISSN-L 2360-3445) is an annual journal and publishes:


  1. fundamental and applied research, clinical field research;
  2. reviews and updates;
  3. case reports;
  4. reviews;
  5. information on scientific meetings.


This is an open access journal.


As a result of its commitment to the aim of promoting the broadest dissemination of scientific information to the largest audience, the ARS Journal opted for an Open Access policy, allowing interested readers to easily and freely access the latest anthropological research findings and also giving the authors the opportunity to raise their visibility by multiplying the standard distribution channels. Not only that the journal is indexed in a multitude of free access bibliographic databases, but the authors themselves are free to post a copy of their final papers on their personal website or institutional repository.


Starting with 2021 in order to maintain free open access, long-term archiving and indexing (such as DOAJ, Crossref), a publishing fee of 60 euros/paper will be requested upon final acceptance following the review process. See section Evaluation Phases, at the end.


As a condition for publishing the articles, all authors of the accepted papers will be required to sign a CC BY-NC License Agreement in accordance with the 'Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License CC BY-NC'. For further information, see AUTHORS GUIDELINES.


Starting in 2016, Anthropological Researches and Studies has been committed for preservation in the Portico archive. Portico is a community-supported, not-for-profit digital preservation service committed to ensuring that scholarly content published in electronic form remains accessible for the long term.


The ARS journal subscribes to the principles and international standards for editors, reviewers, and authors of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).  In order to protect the dignity, rights, and welfare of all research participants, it also adheres to the ethical values, norms, and procedures for biological and medical research with human beings as stipulated by the Declaration of Helsinki, the Oviedo Convention, etc. 




  • bio-medical anthropology: auxology, behavioral ecology, epidemiology, nutrition, physical activity, sportsexual-reproductive health, population biology, psychology, psychiatry, etc.
  • socio-cultural anthropology: topics based on the behavioral categories (economic, political, linguistic etc.), on human relations (gender, family, nation, etc.), on values (ethical, aesthetic, philosophical, religious, etc), as well as on methodology.


Priority will be given to articles that explore medical topics, or highlight aspects related to human physical and mental health. ARS encourages its contributors to emphasize the impact that the main topic presented in their papers could have on physical and mental health at individual and/or social scale.


Keywords: bio-medical anthropology, socio-cultural anthropology, medicine, psychology, sociology.