NO. 4, 2014

  1. A Lithuanian “Ethnographic Village”: Heritage, Private Property, Entitlement

    Authors: Kristina Jonutyte

    Keywords: heritage site, private property, Lithuania.


  2. Nutritional Status of 19-Year-Old Adolescents in Urban Areas of Vojvodina – The Republic of Serbia

    Authors: Rada Rakić, Tatjana Pavlica

    Keywords: nutritional status, male, female, Vojvodina.


  3. Experiences of trust and distrust in intercultural encounters

    Authors: Clara Laura Popa

    Keywords: trust, mistrust, immigrants, intercultural communication.


  4. Studying Hallyu in Central and Eastern Europe: challenges for empirical research

    Authors: Valentina Marinescu

    Keywords: empirical research, position and reflexivity in the field, gatekeeper, interviews, area research.


  5. School violence among students in rural areas of the Republic of Moldova

    Authors: Victor Zepca, Aculina Zaporojan, Anna Mocanu

    Keywords: pupils, school violence, rural area


  6. Teaching and learning anthropology in “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi, Romania

    Authors: Luminiţa Bejenaru

    Keywords: anthropology, education, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi.


  7. The crisis of contemporary family and lack of meaning

    Authors: Elena-Claudia Rusu

    Keywords: Keywords: family, crisis, meaning, religion, psychotherapy.


  8. The evaluation of scholar fatigue phenomenon and some factors that cause it – pilot study on a group of students from rural area

    Authors: Daniela Gavăt, Adriana Albu

    Keywords: fatigue, insufficient sleeping, sedentary.


  9. Social policy for the protection of children in difficulty

    Authors: Gabriela Boangiu

    Keywords: social politics, child protection, prevention of abandon, social welfare.


  10. Equal opportunities and the deconstruction of the contemporary family

    Authors: Corina Bistriceanu Pantelimon

    Keywords: family, structure, role, and equal opportunities.


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